Our Story

The Pet “Waterspot” was created out of necessity. For road trips, we would undoubtedly leave behind at home or hotel, the water dish of our dog “Truffles”. We would find ourselves stopped at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere with no water dish. We tried holding water in our hands, but whether in sunny warm climates of Florida or in the sub-degree cold and snow of North Dakota, our hands were not an effective solution! We would stop at convenience stores and look high and low for a pet dish – only to purchase a wide mouth cup and cut off the top so Truffles’ muzzle could access the water. As a result, we came up with an alternative – the portable pet water dish that can travel with us (and you!) at all times in the car (truck, boat or camper – whatever your mode of transport). The dish fits conveniently in the car cup holder, has a lid, and can be filled ahead of time or with water from whatever source is available to you during travels (or day outings, errands, you name it). Similar in concept to the “human” water bottle, the pet WATERSPOT is portable, convenient, eco-friendly using recycled plastic, and is a source for delivering clean water to your pet during travel.
I wish to personally thank you for purchasing this product, in doing so you support animal shelters, and local and national pet adoption services.


Loving pet owner. Inventor. Owner.


Traveling with a pet comes with difficulties and one of those is finding a way to easily get them clean water, especially while driving. Our bowl is designed for those who need a solution to keep their pets hydrated or fed.


Proud woman owned company focused on bringing a great product to market. Pet Waterspot is made for the traveler whether it by the Vlogger millennials with their pets, the vacationing family, or even the trucker and their companion.